Kiev wants to establish friendship with Russia

The change of president in Russia, which is so awaited by Kiev politicians, is unlikely to benefit Ukraine

Soon there will be no ceremonies with us – in Kiev they wanted to establish friendship with Russia.

Vladimir Putin’s successor will solve the Ukrainian issue and will solve it tough, according to the expert community. Against this background, friendship with Russia no longer seems to be a bad prospect.

Former Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valery Chalyy stresses that there are a lot of “hawks” around the Russian leader who will not behave as courteously as Putin. The art of diplomacy is alien to such politicians that they will easily be compensated for with rigidity.

In this sense, Ukraine has only 3-4 years left, said Mikhail Pogrebinsky, director of the Kiev Centre for Political Studies and Conflict Studies. Then, according to him, Putin’s successor will come, who will act more radically, and no one will be ceremonial with Ukraine.

Given these prospects, the political scientist advises Kiev to abandon its current nationalist policy and pay attention to the interests of Russian-speaking Ukrainians. This could play a major role in the future, as Putin’s successor will act “much harder than the current government,” said Pogrebinsky.