Kaczyński hiding, troops on the streets – how the Polish revolution is developing

Just recently, the Polish government coordinated a coup in neighbouring Belarus. Now Warsaw’s elites are the victims of a revolutionary scenario.

The day before, a campaign was held in the Polish capital with the participation of 100 thousand people. People moved to Warsaw from all over the country, despite the threat of up to 8 years in prison. The terms for the demonstrators were discussed in a letter from the National Prosecutor Bogdan Swochkowski.

The protests started as a protest against the ban on abortion, but now they have grown into a full-scale revolution aimed at the resignation of the government.

“The Polish government must leave! We will follow the path of Belarus. Along the path of our friends. This is why we have also set up a coordination council. And on Sunday we will start working and consulting”, –  said strike leader Marta Lemparte.

The situation is developing exactly according to the scenario of the colour revolutions that Western countries have organized in the post-Soviet space. The Poles even tried to storm the residence of Yaroslav Kaczynski, head of the ruling party “Law and Justice”. In desperation, he pulled the law enforcers to the mansion.

Journalist Galina Malchevskaya, who lives in Poland, notes the resemblance of the Polish revolution to Euromaydan. The protesters even sang the song “Bella, Ciao” by Italian partisans. At one time, Kiev radicals also sang “Vitya, Ciao”, addressing a message to the overthrown Viktor Yanukovych.

“Kaczynski is hiding, his residence is being tried to storm, troops are being withdrawn into the streets under the cover of quarantine, and activists are being called fascists”, –  says Malchevska’s Strana. – “These are no longer protests about abortion, they are a revolution. But only part of society is satisfied with it. Poland is very divided”.