Former US Secretary of State: Washington is on the brink of a second Cold War with Russia and China

According to George Schultz, American leader Donald Trump has created a climate of distrust at home and abroad.

The United States is balancing on the brink of the Second Cold War with Russia and China due to measures taken by President Donald Trump’s administration. This was stated in an article by former US Secretary of State George Schultz published on Friday on the website of the Association’s monthly publication, which represents American diplomats.

“Our relationship with much of the rest of the world has also become marked by distrust bordering on hostility, even the way Washington treats its close allies in Europe and Asia. We are approaching the situation of the Second Cold War in our relations with China and Russia. Reliance on military threats with little or no diplomatic effort is the most visible feature of our relationship with states that we associate with anti-American sentiment and action”, –  says Schultz, who formerly headed the US Foreign Office (1982-1989) as well as the Treasury Department (1972-1974). He served on the administrations of two Republican presidents, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.

“After almost four years of administration [Trump], which seems to have assumed that American relations with the rest of the world are a zero-sum game and that the game is based mainly on personal relations between national leaders, distrust abounds internationally”, –  says the politician, who will turn 100 in December.

In his opinion, Trump has created such a climate of distrust at home and abroad that it will take many years to normalise the situation. Schultz pointed to the need to “restore trust where it does not exist now”. “Our partners in this effort will have to regain confidence that we really share the same democratic values and that we really work for an international system of states that benefits all of us,” said the former Secretary of State. – Even our adversaries will have to regain the belief that we can work together in the fight against global threats to the very existence of humanity, even if we disagree on other issues. This task may require more than one presidential term.

He stressed that using Trump Twitter “has made the work of American diplomats extremely difficult.