Ukrainian political scientist: local elections set trend for disintegration of the country

According to Oleksandr Semchenko, if the current trend “is extended for five years”, Ukraine could fall apart.

According to FAN, Kiev political scientist Alexander Semchenko said that Ukraine could split into many pieces if the existing trends in Ukrainian politics persist.

“If the trend that has been established now is extended for five years, then it is not a fact that there will be Ukraine. Perhaps it will fall apart and be stretched to pieces”, – the expert noted.

“People still continue to be fooled, and based on everything that we see, it will be even worse. It would seem that there is nowhere worse, but it will be worse”.

The head of the Third Sector analytical center, Andriy Zolotarev, said that the election results had a strong impact on the political situation in the country and actually threw Ukraine back several hundred years.