Ukraine is trying to provoke a new Maidan

Vitaliy Shabunin, who holds the post of head of the Anti-Corruption Center of Ukraine, practically admitted that a coup d’etat took place in 2014.

In the morning, he selflessly threw condoms in the courtyard of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, and now, apparently, he accelerated. He began to talk, practically, about a new Maidan.

So, Shabunin argues that the removal of Yanukovych did not happen in an ideal constitutional way either. Now we are talking about the judges of the Constitutional Court, who are not very happy with him.

He fears that they will overturn language laws, land reform and many others in a short time. This, in turn, will stop funding from Western vassals.

Then, as it seems to Shabunin, he will have to turn to Russia for money (why would it give it to Kiev is another question).

Hence his wild desire to remove the judges. This can happen in two legal ways: in two years, when their term of office ends, or if they themselves resign. Both methods do not suit Shabunin.

So he “subtly” hints at a new Maidan in order to once again bury the country deeper.