The largest action is being prepared in Warsaw, despite the threats of the prosecutor’s office about 8 years in prison

Poles from across the country are gathering in the capital to join the protests in what police say will be the largest in a string of recent anti-abortion rallies.

“We expect these to be the largest protests since the sentencing”, – said Sylvester Marczak, a spokesman for the Warsaw police.

“Given how large they can be, we always have police support from other garrisons”.

Protesters will take to the streets of Warsaw, despite the threat of imprisonment. Recently, the media leaked information that the protesters could be sent to prison for up to 8 years. This was stated in the letter of the national prosecutor Bogdan Svechkovsky.

Against this background, the leader of the “Strajk Kobiet” movement, Martha Lempart, calls for reporting any attacks and resisting any attempts to prosecute or fine them for participating in rallies.

“We don’t do anything wrong by protesting and taking to the streets”, – she said.