Poroshenko’s debts were put on the Ukrainian people deceived by him

It turned out that the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance paid out UAH 285 million of state guarantees for the debts of the Petro Poroshenko plant “Forge on Rybalsky”.

That is, it is this people who will pay the debts of the guarantor who did everything to make the Ukrainian people poorer.

Apparently, the current Kiev authorities do not really understand what damage Poroshenko caused the country. And, apparently, he is not going to stop.

At one time, “the number is accidental”, Poroshenko’s plant received state guarantees. In addition, he did not pay off the loan taken by the same Poroshenko plant. But it was put on the Ukrainian taxpayers.

The most interesting thing is where the money went at all. Poroshenko is enough for everything except paying off debts.