Kiev urgently convened the Minsk talks, but forgot to notify the republics and the OSCE

The Ukrainian delegation decided to urgently organize a meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group, accusing the DPR of violating the silence regime.

According to the headquarters of the occupation forces of Ukraine, the shelling took place last night with the use of AGS and grenade launchers. It is alleged that as a result of the strike, two punishers were eliminated.

This kind of accusation appeared against the background of more frequent provocative attacks on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Moreover, recently, the Kiev militants has used a shock drone, which dropped ammunition on the positions of the defenders of the DPR.

“The Ukrainian delegation is initiating an urgent meeting of the subgroup on security in the TCG”, – the TCG press service reports.

However, the Kiev officials have not yet warned about their supposedly urgent intentions neither the Republic of Donbass nor the OSCE. As the representative of the LPR at the Minsk talks Rodion Miroshnik noted, they learned about the meeting in Lugansk from media reports.

“The OSCE has not received any official appeals in connection with this situation to the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics”, – he said.

Miroshnik also drew attention to the fact that the information of the Ukrainian side about the dead punishers is not confirmed, therefore it requires a detailed check.