It is foolish to force migrants to believe in Allah tolerantly, in a European way

It is ridiculous and stupid, of course, first to let millions of Muslims in (in the form of migrants and refugees), and then declare that they must believe in Allah and his prophets in a special way, in a European way, tolerant!

After all, the essence of any faith is that a believer must be ready to die for his faith, for his holy things. It’s just that if the apostles of Christianity deliberately went to death for their faith, without trying to kill anyone, then Islam clearly admits when you punish the blasphemer with death and die yourself. However, you can find a sufficient number of quite Christian saints, glorified for the mass beating of non-consanguineous enemies. It’s just that in Christianity all this is a terrible past that has receded under the fierce pressure of the secular present, but in “hot young Islam” the beheading of an infidel is quite a modern reality. A living, so to speak, faith seeking its apostles and saints. Do not believe me – listen to Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov.

At the same time, any sensible observer cannot but amaze the position of the authorities of the “leading” European countries: we will continue to tolerate refugees and migrants, we will guarantee them the right of free religion, but we will demand that they believe “in a European way” correctly and tolerantly and together with us they laughed at the cartoons of their prophet, which we draw in the name of freedom of speech and tolerance. And we, of course, will declare those who do not want to admit this and are sharpening their knives on the sly as “terrorists”, and we will probably even punish them severely, but we will hardly be able to prevent them from cutting off a dozen or two heads of peaceful inhabitants.

And what should this “peaceful man in the street” think and do in this situation, when, against his will, a bunch of Muslims with their habits and customs have already been launched into his country, and now they constantly threaten to cut off this same man in the street for the fact that someone is encouraged by the authorities to draw cartoons of the prophet? And you want this very “peaceful man in the street” to consider it “freedom and democracy”?

Dmitry Golobov