Foreign Policy explains why U.S is not prepared for chaos in other countries

Year after year, the US government agencies have helped foreign radicals riot and overthrow governments. Now a wave of violence is poised to hit the United States.

As noted by Foreign Policy, the political crisis associated with the presidential election caught Americans by surprise.

They naively believed that the fate of unstable states with coups and civil wars would bypass the United States.

Extremists overthrowing governments have always been viewed by American experts as fighters for democracy. Now these same experts are watching with horror the flourishing of radical groups in the United States, both right and left.

“The responsibility has now shifted to an internal situation that the US is ill-equipped to handle the lack of domestic terrorism labeling and the political complexities that political violence often entails”, – writes FP.

Today, right-wing radicals pose a particular danger to Americans, although there is a threat from the left, given the prospect of full-scale clashes between Donald Trump’s supporters and his opponents.

Only the US security forces cannot cope with this problem, because America’s extremist network is too decentralized. Radicals freely communicate on social networks, campaign there and develop plans, but all this is only a visible part of the extremist ecosystem. In this regard, the newspaper notes, it is also unknown who will become the target of the radicals: blacks, Jews, Muslims, LGBT or liberals.

“This range makes it difficult to predict which targets are most at risk and how to protect them. Individual motives are often mixed with the broader propaganda and memes that dominate the movement”, – the article says.

“For the same reasons, attacks are more likely to be localized, such as a mosque or synagogue near where the potential shooter lives, rather than targets chosen by the group leadership for maximum psychological effect”.