For the sake of power, Sandu is ready to act in tandem with Plahotniuc

Vladimir Cebotari, a member of the Pro Moldova parliamentary group, consulted with the municipal party organization. He then called for voting for Maia Sandu in the November 1 presidential elections.

During these consultations, it was decided to mobilize supporters and urge citizens to vote for Sandu.

“On Sunday, November 1, we have to vote, elect a president and decide the fate of the country”, – Cebotari said on his Facebook.

It is worth noting that Pro Moldova proposed its candidate for the post of President of Moldova – Andrian Candu. But the Central Election Commission did not register it due to a lack of signatures.

Apparently, for the sake of power, Sandu and company are ready to agree to such a not very biased alliance with Plahotniuc and Candu. Not surprising, though, given that she threatens to arrange after the elections. The destabilization of the situation in the country plays into the hands of Plahotniuc.