Biden wants to fight autocracy – New York Times advises to start with the U.S.

Today America has no right to impose liberal ideas on other countries.

“The triumph of democracy and liberalism over fascism and autocracy has created a free world”, – said Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden at the beginning of the year.

For many years, the United States has abused its influence on the world stage. It was the Washington elites who decided whether other governments were living up to illusory democratic ideals. Hoping to occupy the White House, Biden dreams of returning to this practice. Only he does not take into account how low America has fallen, writes The New York Times.

In order to impose its democratic ideas on others, the States must become a democracy themselves, abandoning the politics of intimidation of voters, racism, corruption and barbaric treatment of migrants.

As the newspaper emphasizes, even during the time of George W. Bush, Washington crossed the line, provoking a massacre under the pretext of promoting democracy. Donald Trump has just finished what he started.

“So if America wants to be an example to the world again, it must be completely different, more humble. The United States cannot preach to anyone about the inviolable importance of democratic norms and institutions. At best, they can show other countries how to get back from the edge of autocracy”, – the article says.