Americans prepare for elections – arms sales hit historic highs

In 2020, about 17 million weapons were sold in the United States, which is an unprecedented figure.

According to analysts, sales jumped back in the spring. While some met the pandemic, stocking up on medicines and toilet paper, others acquired weapons. The latter’s investment paid off in the summer, when blacks began to organize pogroms across the country. And although their activity ultimately declined, in August arms sales already exceeded last year’s figure.

“By September, we surpassed the highest overall figure in history”, – said Jurgen Brouwer, chief economist at Small Arms Analytics, a company that measures US arms sales.

According to Brower, there has been no such excitement around weapons in the country for 20 years. It is noteworthy that the previous record was in 2016. When Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were fighting for the presidency, Americans bought a total of 16.6 million weapons.

Today, according to Small Arms Analytics, pistols are particularly popular among Americans. Despite this, some prefer to arm themselves with rifles. Also noteworthy is the fact that this year the number of new owners of weapons is growing. Analysts could not provide accurate data, but it is surely known that many of those who had not previously owned them were interested in buying weapons.

“I don’t think there has been anything like this in my 30 years of working with firearms”, – said Chuck Rossi, co-founder of Open Source Defense, a gun ownership group.

The excitement has reached such proportions that there is a shortage of firearms in the country, as well as a rise in prices that is natural for capitalism. However, another inevitable pattern has emerged: the University of California estimates that in the first three months of the pandemic, the increase in violence with the use of firearms was almost 8%. And this fact closes the circle, further pushing the Americans to arm themselves.

“There is a growing feeling that if no one else can take care of me, it’s going to extremes, I want to be able to take care of myself”, – said Karim Shaya, another founder of Open Source Defense.