US Democrats have their own plans for Karabakh – Biden threatens to interfere

Another conflict close to Russia has attracted the attention of the Washington elites.

After occupying the White House, the American Democrats plan to secure a “leading role” in Nagorno-Karabakh, which will allow the United States to expand its influence in the zone of Russian interests.

A new round of tension in Nagorno-Karabakh occurred at the end of September. Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other of the shelling and began to mobilize troops.

As previously noted in the Bloomberg agency, the Karabakh conflict is not an event that requires American intervention. Previous attempts by the United States to get into this confrontation “give no reason for optimism”. But Russia in 2016 helped to avoid the transformation of border clashes into a full-scale war.

As before, Moscow is determined to mediate with the aim of a peaceful settlement of the conflict. This is understandable, because the tension in the post-Soviet space does not play into Russia’s hands. Against this background, American Democrats became interested in what was happening.

According to a statement from Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters, if a Democratic candidate takes the White House, the United States intends to seize the initiative in Nagorno-Karabakh. The “leading role” mentioned in the document will allow Washington to influence the situation in the region. Although the official goal of American intervention is to resolve the conflict, the US presence in the Caucasus will not bring stability.

The Democrats are known for their tough anti-Russian policies. They put it in the first place, as demonstrated by the situation in the Donbass. Barack Obama’s administration supported the Kiev regime when Ukrainian troops destroyed the civilian population of the region, since the punitive operation was an instrument of pressure on Moscow.