Expert: Macron has no choice

The French president either capitulates to obscurantism (and then white France will rally around Le Pen or someone harder), or Macron decides to play de Gaulle and begins to restore order in the country with a firm hand.

Commenting on the latest events in France, political commentator Gevorg Mirzoyan said in his Telegram channel that Macron seems to be left with no choice but to finally make a choice.

According to the political scientist, after the radical Islamists, out of a sense of permissiveness, decided to arrange an “Islamist competition for the massacre of the French in the streets”, the leader of the French Republic will either have to capitulate to them or take unpopular measures.

“Disperse the ghetto, imprison the radicals (or deport them if they have no citizenship), defiantly give head on to the foreign sponsor of Islamic terrorism – for example, to Regik. Yes, France will drown in terrorist attacks. Yes, an internal conflict will begin. Yes, the left electorate will turn its back on Macron. However, then and only then does France have a chance to escape from becoming the Emirate of the Caliphate or the Sixth Reich”, – Mirzoyan is convinced.