Dodon says Moldova was able to revive strategic partnership with Russia

Moldova intends to move further towards integration with the EAEU.

According to, the past 4 years of Igor Dodon’s mandate were not easy, but also marked with important results. One of the main achievements is the return of the strategic partnership with Russia, the independent presidential candidate believes.

“First, we managed to ensure a certain balance in foreign policy. I managed to establish a good dialogue, to return the strategic partnership with Russia. In addition, we have seriously intensified our dialogue with Transnistria. During these 4 years I had 8 meetings with the PMR leader Vadim Krasnoselsky. We managed to solve some problems that have not been solved for years. We are not yet too close to a political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, because this is a very difficult moment, but I am sure that the dialogue was very good and we can move on in this direction”, – Igor Dodon said in an interview with “Russia 24”.

In addition, the leader of Moldova assured that the republic will continue to pursue the course of integration into the EAEU, where it still has an observer status.

“We participate in all meetings… Next year we intend to obtain the status of a member of the Eurasian Bank. This is a very interesting financial instrument”, – Dodon said.