Difficulties of the external management of Ukraine

US Ambassador Kristina Kvien is exhausted

But she is no longer a girl, 55 years old. She has to do everything herself, as the colony rebelled. The office of the president does not rule anything and is in a kind of twilight depressive state after a catastrophic failure in the elections. Therefore, the “pro-Kremlin judges” are raising their heads, who have staged a real attack on the pride of the American colonial system – anti-corruption bodies.

How much effort, energy, money of American taxpayers the US Embassy under Marie Yovanovitch and her first deputy, George Kent, poured into the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, and National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. The assistant to the then ambassador, Kristina, did not get enough sleep at that time with the famous anti-corruption albino Vitaly Shabunin. Day and night, they fought with the total resistance of the hellish corruption machine of the times of Yanukovych. Sometimes, if Shabunin was in a good state, it was possible to fight twice. They built, established a real system, obliged the natives to spend billions of hryvnias on its maintenance.

Any attempts to insert sticks into certain holes that Artyom Sytnik, director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, needed for work, were rigidly and consistently suppressed. When Yovanovitch was recalled to Washington for squandering the money allocated to the “reformers of Georgia” to create an optimal anti-corruption model in the Prosecutor General’s Office, Christina Kvien shouldered the brunt of her mission to tame the European nation on her fragile, freckled and pigmented shoulders.

Her replacement, General Keith Dayton, is to arrive any day. He promised to fly exactly on Halloween, October 31st. Very symbolic. The day when all evil spirits climb out. Incidentally, this is a great holiday in Ukraine. Almost state. Already all eateries, taverns, fitness centers and markets are decorated with skulls, cobwebs, skeletons, cashiers are disguised as half-decayed corpses. An absolutely charming holiday atmosphere in the context of a total pandemic and an increase in mortality from the COVID.

Before the arrival of the new ambassador, Kristina wants to sum up, so to speak, the results. To make everything come together in accounting, local leaders made proper greetings when meeting the new ruler and constantly wore masks and tsak. And they just fell off the chain!

As from the hellish hole of Oleg Lyashko, who blew the elections to the Rada for the last living clown from Zelensky’s team, decisions of native courts rained down, destroying the colonial anti-corruption model carefully assembled from selected waste.

The District Administrative Court of Kiev, at the suit of some offended NABU agent, made a completely crazy decision: to prohibit Artyom Sytnik from acting as director of NABU. Also, the State Bureau of Investigation should have immediately initiated a criminal case against this bastard in connection with the failure to comply with the decision of the Constitutional Court, and the Ministry of Justice should have deleted Sytnyk from the register of state leaders. Kristina rushed to the President’s Office, found Ermak there in a half-disassembled state and threw a scandal. The sluggish head of the office issued a statement from which it followed that it was not at all necessary to comply with the decision of the district court, since it was only final in form, but in fact it was not at all final.

When the tired and angry messenger was returning to her residence in Podol, she was caught on the way by some freak in a white suit covered with brown spots. It was the Minister of Justice Denis Malyuska – the last representative of the BRDO office of Honcharuk-Abromavichius-Soros who remained in the government. Deniska really gives the impression of an idiot. And it (impression) is by no means deceiving. Malyuska became famous for his photo shoots on Facebook, when he stood on his head in the office, ate popcorn and lay on the carpet without shoes. He also offered the convicts serving life sentences to work in the call center of the Ministry of Justice. They say they are very nice attentive people. Denis also introduced paid cameras for wealthy inmates and thought about making the work of the ministry an artificial intelligence. So, it was this idiot who grabbed Christina by the floor of her cloak and began to whine: what should I do, the court decided to delete Sytnik, and I’m afraid?

Sytnik himself was already sitting in the residence, gradually getting drunk with official whiskey under Shabunin’s disapproving gaze. After dragging the minister into the office and taking the glass from Artyom, Kvien laid out a clear plan of action. Do not recognize the verdict of the District Administrative Court (DAC), do not delete anyone from the register, otherwise some will be left without an American pension fund, stop the hysteria. The work on the criminal case initiated by NABU against the judges of the SLA should be strengthened. Throw new dirt on the corrupt servants of Themis into the network.

Do you think that was the end of it? No way! The Constitutional Court suddenly began to gush with decisions that smash NABU, SAP, and even the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption to smithereens. The law, on the basis of which NABU seemed to work, was declared unconstitutional. As well as obligatory electronic declaration. It was a blow directly to the subject of Shabunin’s male pride.

Let me briefly explain what the abolition of mandatory electronic income declaration means. This is what the Maidan stood for. Basis for the creation of the aforementioned National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. The agency had to collect all the declarations of government officials and candidates for positions in power. Everyone. Analyze income and expenses, sue the malicious harbags, in short, spoil people’s lives.

Over time, declaring has become a big business. Hundreds of thousands of declarations, a lot of nuances. Therefore, if you do not want to ruin your career, bring in from ten to fifty thousand dollars to the Agency. And sleep, or rather, serve the nation in peace. Without a doubt, the head of the Agency, Alexander Novikov, shared his modest income with his American “friends”. Therefore, the undermining of the basis of the activities of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption was a very strong blow both for the Ambassador and for the whole “Soros followers”.

They watched in horror as the entire system of anti-corruption colonial enrichment created by the “strategic partners” collapsed. The work of NABU is blocked by a decision of the courts, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office does not work, since Nazar Kholodnitsky resigned, and some lawyers were appointed to the commission that is looking for a successor to him instead of loyal to the ideals of the United States. And then the declaration was canceled.

A terrible howl began. The press secretary of the “Sluga Naroda” faction, Yevhenia Kravchuk, agreed that the decision of the Constitutional Court is not necessary for implementation. The head of the NAPK Novikov, who was effectively left without work, accused the judges of the Constitutional Court of incorrectly filling in tax returns. Sytnik, who was not quite sober, instructed NABU detectives to dig up dirt on constitutional judges.

The messenger, angry as a flock of wild hyenas, rushed to the Constitutional Court and arranged a uniform dressing there. Threatened everyone with the cancellation of American visas and the introduction of personal sanctions by the US government. The system of external control of the colony is falling apart before our eyes. And then this Melinda Simmons, the British ambassador to Ukraine, became more active. She sees that Kristina is very busy, and tries to take over control of the colony. She screwed up Zelensky, made him buy old British boats, which even Oman refuses to buy, and also promoted the president to build two military bases. Who the hell is going to buy outdated American Javelins? Pushkin?

Only Vitalik Shabunin keeps Kvien from hysterics. The albino is trying his best. That’s just starting to behave suspiciously. Reads a sex magazine for those over seventy. And the new US ambassador to Ukraine is exactly 71 years old. All this is strange.

Alexander Yablokov, IA Anti-fascist