Congress fears that new sanctions will not be imposed against Nord Stream-2

The American Congress was worried that they would forget about the sanctions against Nord Stream-2. It’s about a group of congressmen.

They are trying to pressure the leaders of Congress to come up with new measures and include them in the defense budget bill for next year.

The co-chairs of the Ukrainian Assembly wrote a letter to the leaders of the Congress on this topic. They demand to clarify the expansion of sanctions against Nord Stream-2.

New sanctions began to be prepared after the vessels of the Swiss Allsea left the project after the ban on providing ships, and the fleet of Russian vessels began to prepare their own. The new measures include restrictions on companies that insure, provide port services and upgrade and retrofit pipelayers. Among themselves, the bills differ in that one of them is more stringent – it prohibits participation in the project and companies that are engaged in testing and certification of gas pipelines.

At the moment, Congress is engaged in agreeing on which version of the European Energy Security Act will be included in the final version of the draft US defense budget. It should be taken in November or December.

Now a group of congressmen are worried that the sanctions will be forgotten and not included in the bill. They wrote the letter after the decision of the State Department, which independently included part of the sanctions from the bills into those already in force.