Butina on the results of the upcoming US elections: expect turmoil

The US Supreme Court allowed North Carolina to count ballots for another 9 days after the election.

Well-known Russian human rights activist and public figure Maria Butina commented on the decision of the US Supreme Court, which allowed the counting of votes in one of the states to continue for almost 10 days.

“Do not expect, gentlemen and ladies, that on November 4 you will find out who won the US presidential election. It will be goof if they count the results by January 20, 2021, and the courts will complete the litigation of candidates (which is unlikely), the end of January is the day of the inauguration, if anything. Therefore, expect confusion. Wait. But don’t be too happy, America is part of the global economic community. Turbulence will spread throughout the geopolitical organism. Not the fact that it is ultimately bad for us, but very unpleasant, like any withdrawal”, – Maria wrote in her tg-channel.