Biden will return to White House to drag Europe into new sanctions war

Democrat Joe Biden has no plans to end his confrontation with China if he wins the presidential election.

An adviser to the former vice president of the United States, less than a week before election day, disclosed to Reuters the Democrats’ controversial plans to race further with China.

Donald Trump’s trade war with China was a destructive and reckless move that caused enormous economic damage to the Americans themselves. Beijing’s retaliatory measures, in particular, have virtually deprived US farmers of the market for their products.

It got to the point that the government has to compensate the agrarians for the costs of the trade war. Earlier it became known that payments reached an unprecedented figure of $51.2 billion. Thus, the share of the state in the net monetary income of farmers will grow to 39.7%. But the money distributed is still not enough to support the average farm. In this regard, many Americans expected Biden to abandon Trump’s destructive policies.

“He’s not going to stop there”, – said fellow Democrat and former US State Department official Jeffrey Prescott.

Moreover, the Biden administration plans to use its European partners to increase pressure on China. According to Prescott, the mistake of Trump’s team was that it “acted alone, giving China a loophole”. Biden, in turn, intends to use the method previously used in the confrontation with Russia.

When the White House was occupied by Barack Obama, Washington got the EU countries to impose anti-Russian sanctions. Such measures are still costly for European economies. The situation may worsen if the US forces its partners to introduce restrictions against China, in cooperation with which the EU is very interested.

“Consultation with allies will be central to this”, – Prescott described the Democrats’ plans.

In exchange, he said, Biden is ready to lift the duties imposed by Trump on European products.