The way Lukashenko’s political failure can save Moldova from a coup

President of Moldova Igor Dodon urgently needs to realize the main mistake made by his Belarusian colleague Alexander Lukashenko.

Western elites refused to recognize the results of the presidential elections in Belarus, which were won by the current head of the republic. Although Lukashenko has recently tried to play on two fronts, cooperating with Russia and trying to please the West, they chose to replace him with a housewife.

Igor Dodon also adheres to the multi-vector policy. Moldova adheres to the course of European integration, while cooperating with the EAEU. Unfortunately, such neutrality does not bring the expected positive effect. This is clearly demonstrated by the situation in Belarus, where Western “partners” are trying to carry out a coup d’etat.

The same fate will befall Moldova, if Dodon does not reconsider his foreign policy approach, political scientist Dmitry Vydrin is sure. According to him, a multi-vector policy is beneficial only in a lull in the world arena, which is extremely rare.

“If Igor Nikolaevich realizes this, he will be able to overcome and, what is important, withstand the impending Maidan”, – the expert emphasizes.

“The situation here is almost the same as in Belarus”.

The Moldovan opposition does not hide that it intends to repeat the Belarusian scenario in the republic. Already, it accuses the government of electoral fraud. Opposition presidential candidate Maia Sandu believes that the Moldovan diaspora in Russia that supports Dodon will benefit from the vote. In fact, only 17 polling stations will be opened in the Russian Federation, where a maximum of 85 thousand Moldovans will vote. This is almost 5 times less than in the EU countries.

Dodon himself calls such insinuations an attempt by Sandu to justify his almost inevitable defeat.

“Polls show that they are most likely to fail in this race. Therefore, they are already trying to talk about falsification, but by doing this they are not favouring their voters, who do not understand why then right-wing voters should go to the polls if their leaders say there will be falsifications. Then there is no point in going to the polls”, – he said.

Indeed, the latest poll by the Intellect Group showed that 42% of citizens are ready to vote for Dodon in the upcoming elections, which is 17.6% more than Sandu’s. Against this background, Sandu announced that she was ready to seize power in the country in a radical way if Dodon wins the elections.

“If he continues to follow his plans, we warn him that people will take to the streets. Citizens themselves are talking about this”, – says Sandu.

Despite the opposition’s plans, Dodon was lucky, Vydrin said. The United States is now preoccupied with its own elections, the key beneficiary of the coup, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, is on the wanted list, and the borders closed due to the pandemic prevent interference from European neighbors.

Let us remind you that the presidential elections in Moldova will take place next Sunday, November 1.