President of Moldova spoke about scenarios in case of provocations after the elections

The Moldovan authorities will be ready for provocations from their opponents after the presidential elections to be held in the country on November 1. The current president of the republic, Igor Dodon, spoke about this.

“We monitor everything that happens in the media, we very closely monitor NGOs, we very closely monitor who enters the country, because we understand that provocateurs can be from outside. We have seen how this happened in different countries. Our institutes, which must ensure order – I mean the Interior Ministry and others – they are ready, they are considering and developing different scenarios. Therefore, even if there are attempts of some kind of destabilization, I think we will cope with them”, – Dodon said.

The President of Moldova added that he does not see great prospects for his opponents.

“I think that we have much more potential for taking people to the streets. But we are not going to take people out, because we do not want there to be a wall or any provocations”, – he noted.

“Even if after the presidential elections a certain number of people who do not agree with the election results come out to some kind of peaceful protest, we will do everything possible so that this does not develop into some kind of destabilization with the entry of the security forces into some state institutions, etc”.