Ukraine dreams of having its own COVID-19 vaccine

Viktor Lyashko, Chief Medical Officer of Ukraine and Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health, said that the absence of the international status of the developer of the coronavirus vaccine does not prevent Kiev from developing in this area.

“We will be able to explain the uniqueness of the Ukrainian vaccine, when the relevant materials will appear in the expert centre of the Ministry of Health, as now the information is covered by the copyright of manufacturers”, –  he said.

Probably, the uniqueness lies in the fact that there is simply no vaccine. At the same time, Lyashko says that we are now looking for an enterprise that would be ready to take on the production of the drug.

The fantasies of Ukrainian officials look simply unfounded: Kiev would not have had enough money for development. In addition, there is still a need to find scientists who have not yet escaped from the “thriving” country to take up this issue at all.