Trump managed to get his candidate for the Supreme Court of Justice into the Senate

The new judge was Amy Coney Barrett, a parishioner of the Catholic Church who came from a religious conservative camp supporting Trump in this election.

According to DW, Republicans may have had an advantage for decades in the Supreme Court, where judges are appointed for life. The Democrats bite their elbows and accuse the Republicans of hypocrisy: in a similar situation in 2016 under President Barack Obama, the Democrats could not squeeze out their Supreme Court candidate shortly before the election.

“On Monday 26 October, the U.S. Senate approved the candidacy of 48-year-old Judge Amy Coney Barrett as a member of the Supreme Court by 52 votes out of 100. She took the oath of office a little later”, –  the message said.

Thus, shortly before the presidential election, White House Chief Donald Trump managed to achieve an important victory and, quite possibly, for decades, to consolidate the Republican advantage in the Supreme Court. Judges are appointed to this body for life on the proposal of the Head of State. Currently, there are 6 judges representing Republicans and only 3 Democrats.