The United States is calling for a shift in government in favour of private corporations

Regardless of who takes over the White House, the United States has refused the “highest point of political paralysis”.

The current presidential race, overshadowed by the pandemic and the economic crisis, has triggered an unprecedented polarisation in the USA. The Americans have divided into two camps that refuse to accept the victory of their competitors. Newsweek compares the situation to a “failed marriage”, where each partner “in his or her suffering seeks to make the other even more miserable”. If such a principle applies to an entire state, such a state cannot be said to have taken place, the article says.

Against this background, the threat of civil war seems quite real, especially since extremist groups in America are actively preparing for armed confrontation. It is possible to avoid a bloodbath, writes Newsweek, but a revolution is necessary.

At the heart of the American crisis is an excessive and even dangerous concentration of power in Washington. Although a strong federal government is necessary for the effective functioning of the state, but now Americans see it as a threat to their rights and freedoms. In this regard, Newsweek reminds us that the declaration of independence prescribes the people the last resort: to change, remove and install a new government.

“The introduction of a new government is much like a revolution or separatism, none of which has been successful in human history. But there is a third way”, –  the article says.

We are talking about reform in favour of “more flexible forms of governance” that will give more power to local players, including private corporations with their capital.