The Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that the new Turkish Maritime Warning Notice violates international law

Turkey’s new Navtex maritime alert for seismic exploration by the Oruc Reis, accompanied by a group of warships on the Greek continental shelf south of Rhodes, violates international law. This was stated in a statement issued by the Greek Foreign Ministry.

The Greek Foreign Ministry notes that “the issuance of a new illegal Navtex alert by Turkey, through which it is reserving a maritime area in the area of the Greek continental shelf south of Rhodes for the purpose of conducting illegal seismic surveys, once again shows that Turkey, with its continuing escalation of provocative actions and offences, is totally ignoring basic norms of international law”.

“It behaves like an outcast state that wants to destabilise the region and dramatically increase tensions. This illegal act prevents any attempt at de-escalation”, –  the agency said in a statement.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry stresses that “the repetition of the illegal actions of the Turkish side, which are in complete contradiction to the constant calls of the international community, including the recent conclusions of the European Council on the immediate cessation of such actions, exposes the Turkish side even more”.

“Greece unequivocally condemns this unacceptable behaviour, which in essence further alienates the prospect of constructive dialogue, and calls on Turkey to immediately revoke the illegal notice it issued early in the morning. In this context, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendiaz has instructed that protest should be immediately sent to Turkey and that allies and partners should be informed of Turkey’s continuing provocative behaviour”, –  the report says.