France is considering three options for responding to Turkey’s actions

French management is studying three possible responses to Turkey’s unfriendly actions. This was reported by Radio Europe1 with reference to sources in the French Presidential Administration.

According to the radio station, three responses are being considered “after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called for a boycott of French goods”.

France has already recalled its ambassador from Ankara and is now exploring additional steps,” radio station sources point out. – The first step is to limit the import of Turkish goods. “The possibility of increasing military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean is also being discussed. In addition, the authorities intend to take control of the Turkish channels of influence in the country, which are already under the radar of counter-intelligence.

The radio also draws attention to the difference in approach between Paris and Berlin to relations with Ankara. According to Europe1 analysts, German Chancellor Angela Merkel would not want threats from Erdogan to spread to her country, which is home to the largest Turkish diaspora in Europe.