The Seimas elections were won by the Lithuanian opposition

The leaders of the three right-wing parties – the Fatherland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats, the Liberal Movement and the Freedom Party – have expressed their willingness to form a government headed by Ingrid Shimonite.

As “Interfax” reports, the opposition conservatives won the elections to the Lithuanian Seimas and began negotiations on the establishment of a ruling centre-right coalition with the Liberal Movement and the Freedom Party.

According to preliminary data, the conservatives of the “Fatherland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats” have secured 50 mandates and together with the coalition partners will get a small majority in the Seimas,” the report says, “after the meeting in the Seimas on Monday night, the Chairmen of the three parties adopted a joint declaration that they are ready to form a government headed by Ingrid Simonite.

The prime minister’s candidate said that her priorities will be to review the budget and change the model for managing the coronavirus crisis so that more attention can be paid to the opinion of medical experts in decision-making.