Even if Lukashenko leaves, the West intends to finish off Belarus

The overthrow of the undesirable Alexander Lukashenko is not the ultimate goal of the customers of the Belarusian putsch.

The unrest in Belarus began after the presidential election. The incumbent head of the republic won the election, but housewife Svetlana Tikhanovskaya accused the government of vote fraud. She declared herself elected president without proof, provoked mass unrest and fled to Lithuania, where she is still hiding.

Now, with the support of Polish and Lithuanian elites, Belarus is again trying to raise a riot on the pretext that Lukashenko has refused to resign in favour of Tihanovskaya. But Lukashenko’s departure and re-election are not Western goals, says Elvira Mirsalimova, deputy head of the Belarusian Republican Party of Labor and Justice.

She noted that the instigators of the coup will not accept the coming to power in Belarus pro-Russian president, even if he wins the most democratic elections.

“The purpose of the protests is not to remove Lukashenko, but to bring to power those who will push Belarus away from Russia”, –  explains Mirsalimova.

In this regard, she recalled the consequences of the Ukrainian state revolution that took place in 2014.