Erdogan urged Turkish citizens not to buy French goods

For its part, the European Commission said that no Islamic country has yet boycotted goods from France.
On Monday, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called on citizens not to buy French goods.

“As they say in France, ‘do not buy Turkish goods’, so do I, too, appeal to my nation. Don’t buy French goods”, –  said the President during his speech in Ankara.

Erdogan made the statement on 24 October that the Macron “needs treatment for mental disorders”. The Turkish leader thus responded to the French leader’s remarks about Islam in connection with a terrorist attack in the Parisian suburb of Conflant-st Honorin, where an 18-year-old Islamist killed a school teacher of history and geography on 16 October on the grounds of religious hatred. After the incident, Macron warned that the French authorities “are actively fighting against radical ideology bearers and the associations they have formed”.

Erdogan, in turn, expressed the view that the French president demonstrates “inappropriate attitude towards the millions of people in his country who profess a different religion”. He also called it “a manifestation of Islamophobia” to search mosques in Berlin and urged “to remember that every such manifestation of hostility towards Islam is also a manifestation of hostility towards Turkey”. According to Erdogan, “such offences against Muslims are evidence of the rise of European fascism to a new level”.

The subject of Macron’s statements has been widely circulated in Islamic countries and has led to numerous calls for a boycott of French products by various religious, social and political organisations and figures.


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