Biden sees Russia as a major threat to the USA

He identified China as his main competitor

Democratic Party presidential candidate Joseph Biden believes that Russia poses the greatest threat to the United States on the international scene. This is the view he expressed in an interview with CBS, which was published on its website on Sunday.

The presenter asked the former Vice President which country he considered to be the most serious threat to the USA.

“I think Russia is currently the biggest threat to our security and alliances”, –  said Biden. – “Secondly, I think that the biggest competitor is China.”

“And it depends on what approach we take, whether we continue to compete, or whether it becomes a more serious rivalry in terms of power relations”, –  said the Democrat candidate.

He also stressed that an equally serious threat to the United States on the international stage is posed by the policy of current American leader Donald Trump. “Look what he [Trump] is doing – he is getting closer to all dictators and pointing fingers in the eyes of all our friends,” said the Democrat candidate. According to him, this approach of the president has resulted in an increase in DPRK’s missile arsenal and “Iran’s approach <…> to the creation of nuclear weapons. “Our NATO friends are turning their backs on us because they can’t rely on us,” concluded Biden.

In September, he expressed the view that Moscow is an enemy, not an enemy, for Washington. “I believe that Russia is the enemy. I really think so,” said the politician. However, he repeatedly said that if he wins the November elections, Moscow will ‘pay the price’ for the alleged interference in the American electoral process.