Window sills, homemade stalls, benches and tables have become voting places in Ukraine

Footage of Ukrainians filling in ballot papers in violation of voting secrecy has been published online. People are forced to vote in places not designated by law for this purpose

In Zhytomyr and the region, voters at polling stations fill in ballots in violation of voting secrecy. At some polling stations there are no booths and people have to vote on window sills, on benches or in self-made booths hastily made by members of election commissions, the press service of OPORA reports on Sunday, 25 October.

Thus, it is noted that at polling station #181341 of the regional centre instead of the voting stall, voters cast their votes on chairs and benches.

Window sills, homemade stalls, benches and tables were the places of voting in Ukraine.

Местом голосования на Украине оказались подоконники, самодельные кабинки, лавки и столы

In some areas, there are no voting booths and voters are forced to vote in constructions made of sports equipment.

At polling station #181354, voting takes place in full view of everyone – at tables.

At polling station #181276 in Korosten, ballot filling is done behind the curtains on the window sill.