Azerbaijani mercenaries who are fighting in Karabakh, dressed in Armenian uniforms

Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh disguises its hired fighters as the army of Armenia. The Artsakh ombudsman Artak Beglaryan told about this

“We have already received information from various sources and soldiers that soldiers dressed in Armenian military uniforms periodically participate in the attacks of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. First of all, the Azerbaijani side probably wants to mislead the Armenian soldiers and achieve success through this. In addition, on the one hand, they are trying to artificially reduce and hide the number of their deaths, and on the other – to try to present them as Armenians during the exchange of bodies”, – he wrote on Facebook.

Beglaryan said that one of the witnesses about a fortnight ago during the attack on Matagis, the Azerbaijani side retreated, leaving about 40 dead soldiers dressed in Armenian uniforms on the battlefield.