Turkey rejects accusations of non-compliance of S-400 purchase with NATO member obligations

The S-400 systems will be used independently and without integration into the NATO command and control system, the country’s Defense Ministry noted.

As reported by TASS, the Turkish Defense Ministry rejected US accusations that the acquisition of the S-400 does not meet the obligations of the republic as a NATO member.

“Like the S-300, which are used by other NATO allies, the S-400 systems will operate independently and without integration into the NATO command system. Claims that Turkey, which fulfills all its obligations within NATO, is acting in spite of NATO, are incorrect. We expect from our allies and friends that instead of rhetoric that relations will deteriorate, we will focus on finding alternative solutions and technical measures for the S-400, if any. It is not Turkey’s task to offend anyone, we only want to ensure the safety of our people”, – said the press secretary of the Turkish Defense Ministry, Lieutenant Colonel Nadide Sebnem Aktop.