Iranian Foreign Ministry said US excluded Sudan from terrorist list for bribe

Tehran stressed that the list “is as fake as the US fight against terrorism”.

As reported by TASS, on Saturday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Twitter that the United States excluded Sudan from the list of terrorism for a sufficient ransom, which proves the senselessness of their approach to combating extremism.

“The White House’s statement regarding Sudan has become as symbolic as possible. Pay a sufficient ransom, close your eyes to crimes against the Palestinians, and you will be excluded from the so-called “terrorist” blacklist”, – the message says.

On Friday, the White House press service announced that US President Donald Trump had officially notified the US Congress of his intention to exclude Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism. This happened after the authorities of the country, at the request of Washington, paid $335 million in compensation to the families of victims of terrorist attacks at the beginning of the week.