In Poland, they told how the new US approach will leave “partners” without money and protection

Washington is beginning to realize that its current adversaries – Russia and China – are incomparably stronger than the Middle East militants with whom the United States has dealt previously.

Pentagon chief Mark Esper’s recent announcement has drawn particular attention from the Polish propaganda machine. The mass media actively exaggerated the words that part of the American armed contingent would indeed be transferred from Germany to Poland. Esper spoke about this at a meeting of the Atlantic Council, dedicated to the “confrontation of the great powers”.

At the same time, the media bypassed Esper’s words that the United States would deploy medium-range missiles in Europe, said Polish international affairs expert Marek Budzisz. This step became possible after Washington terminated the INF Treaty.

“If this is confirmed, we will return to the disputes that originated back in the eighties, when America wanted to deploy Pershing missiles on our continent”, – the expert explains.

He stressed that this part of Esper’s statement had already alarmed Russia. Only Europe does not bode well. The US Secretary of Defense made it clear that in today’s reality, Washington will focus on “exporting technology”. That is, the United States will make money on the sale of its weapons to other countries, distancing itself from the role of defender.

In fact, the United States is seeking to relieve itself of responsibility for the security of allied countries, Budzisch said.

“In accordance with the new formula, the allies will, for the most part, have to bear responsibility for their own security”, – the analyst continues.

“The United States will only help to achieve the required level of security by supplying weapons”.

According to the Polish expert, the United States is changing its approach, since it is unable to compete with Russia and China. When the Americans confronted Islamist groups, they could declare their power. Now the situation has changed.

“Now the Americans cannot independently guarantee security in the battle with their opponents”, – Budzish said.