Erdogan paid for adventure in Karabakh with American lobbyists

The Armenian diaspora in the United States has made the “Mercury Public Affairs” lobbying company stop cooperation with Turkey after its intervention in the Karabakh conflict.

As reported by the “Poltitco” edition, the company refused from the contract for 1 million dollars under pressure from the Armenian National Committee and the Armenian Assembly of America. These organizations staged protests outside the offices of Mercury Public Affairs in Washington DC and Los Angeles, urging clients to stop working because it represents Ankara’s interests.

The action attracted the attention of some politicians. Los Angeles County Board Chairman Catherine Barger and former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis have called on the firm to “immediately sever any business ties with the Republic of Turkey”. California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and 16 other state lawmakers later said they would not partner with Mercury Public Affairs as long as the company represents Turkey.

As a result, the company succumbed to pressure. She will not renew the contract, which is valid until the end of this year. Mercury Public Affairs and the Turkish Embassy in Washington declined to comment on the situation.

It is worth noting that Ankara still continues to cooperate with other US lobbying firms, in particular, Capitol Counsel and Greenberg Traurig.