Dodon warned Sandu against flirting with disgraced oligarchs

Igor Dodon expressed confidence that “Action and Solidarity Party” leader Maia Sandu will again form an alliance with the PSRM, as it was in 2019.

According to, speaking on the air of the “Igor Dodon Answers” ​​program, the Moldovan president advised his opponent in the upcoming elections, Maia Sandu, not to rely on street protests.

“You shouldn’t take people out into the street. I will tell you what will happen next. You think that you will have a noble idea, but behind it will be the oligarchs who fled from the country, who will bring out several groups of “puppies”, like last year”, – said Dodon.

“Shor, Kandu, Plahotniuc will use you as a facade, and they themselves will destabilize the country and make you guilty. So think very well”.

According to the President of Moldova, the Party has only one way out – a new coalition with the socialists.

“With whom will you enter into an alliance – with Shor, Candu, Plahotniuc? You will come and we will sit down at the negotiating table”, – said the head of state.

“The lady who now swears that she will never enter into a coalition with Dodon will act as she did that time. You will form a coalition with Dodon, you will not go anywhere. It will be the same as last year”.