Alexander Rogers: the USA still needs to go through the breakdown phase

I have already given comments on the Biden-Trump debate, but short. And this epic spectacle deserves extensive coverage.

I must say right away that this sight reminded me the most. In The Muppet Show, two old men were sitting on the balcony who were constantly unhappy with everything, always scolding, but continued to watch the show. According to the plan, they were supposed to discuss foreign policy, economics, social affairs, health care reform, ecology… forget it!

Moreover, they did not even try to present some kind of positive program. To any question from the host, how are they going to solve this or that problem, they said “His program is bullshit”, “No, his program sucks”. At some point, I even felt like the same rabbi from the anecdote who listened to two disputants and said, “You’re right. And you’re right”.

But they are right only in the part when they criticize each other. When it comes to their own achievements, both begin to lie godlessly (which is easily verified).

In general, it looks like some kind of comedy in the style of “Dumb and Dumber”.
– It is necessary to abolish this criminal law.
– Who developed and implemented it?
– Well, me. But I was wrong and it’s time to fix this error!
– Why didn’t you fix it in 8 years, while he was vice president?
– I ran out of time.


– Why do you put illegal migrants in concentration camps?
– But these camps were built in 2013, under your administration.

“This is another kind of thing”. It is a pity that Biden did not have time to be indignant about the brutal crackdown on demonstrations. To be remembered for the destruction of Occupy Wall Street.

Moreover, Biden is a classic sociopath. You can also take it under glass to the chamber of measures and weights, as a standard. Documents have already been published from a Baltic bank confirming the transfer of $3.5 million from Baturina to Hunter Biden on February 10, 2014. But Joe continues to lie on a blue eye “There was no money! I didn’t take anything!”

Of course, you didn’t – you took your son, a drug addict! And unfastened “Big guy” 10%.

But here it is clear. He now has a situation similar to that of Comrade Saakhov from the “Caucasian Captive” – ​​either he becomes president, or Trump takes him to the prosecutor.

Although the examples given are the pinnacle of the argumentation of both opponents. Most of it boiled down to the banal “Fool!”, “You are a fool!”

But a special pride in America arose in that part of the debate when it was found out which of the two were the agents of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

– You are Putin’s agent.
– No, you are Putin’s agent.
– You took Chinese money.
– No, you took Chinese money.

I cannot imagine a similar debate in the British Parliament, where Churchill and Chamberlain are trying to find out who is Stalin’s agent. I have a rich imagination, but I can’t.

It is shocking and awe-inspiring when Greytheania’s presidential candidates find out who is the president’s puppet of a “torn to pieces gas station country”. But not in front of them and their country.

In Gumilev’s terms, the United States, immediately after the akmatic phase, is trying to abruptly fall into the relict (memorial) phase. When they live on memories of past greatness.

Take your time, guys, you still need to go through the breakdown phase – with the splits of the country and civil wars.
And only then you will tell “In the days of Obama, I was really woth it!” First there are skirmishes, but you still have to live to see the rubble.

Alexander Rogers, exclusively for News Front