Trump runs for the second term as his first election

The time for the presidential debate is over. With 10 days left before the elections, millions of Americans have already voted in advance. The institution of debate itself may not survive the recent scandals.

Biden, in two debates, tried to make the 2020 election a referendum on Trump – his character, leadership and decisions. He tried hard to abstract himself from his own platform, not promising anything concrete except “I am for all the good”.

Biden’s strategy is clear: he has to simultaneously appease the liberal electorate, which is demanding a leftist revolution, and not frighten the moderate voters.

Therefore, he has seven Fridays a week: Biden either wants to ban fracking and destroy the oil industry, then he promises not to touch them. Either he talks about the increase in taxes and the introduction of state medicine in the United States, then he claims that this radicalism has remained in the past along with Sanders.

In turn, Trump is running for a second term as his first election. He has shown himself to stand apart from the Washington establishment, which Biden and Clinton are personified.

Trump persistently asked Biden: why did he not do anything of the promised for 45 years in politics? Why did Trump do more in 4 years than Biden did in 8 years in the White House?

This is a rhetorical question – and Biden is very uncomfortable with raising his Washington heritage. Like the criminal reform of the 90s or cages for migrants in 2013. Not to mention Biden’s support for the endless Middle East wars that Trump hopes to end.

The corruption of the Biden is also a consequence of the clannish politics and problems with the rotation of the elites. In 36 years in the Senate, anyone will learn to commercialize their office. Biden is the personification of the swamp Trump promised to drain.

A symbolic moment came at the end of the second debate when it came to Biden’s legacy – and he began to stare at his watch. I immediately remembered a similar scene in the first debate of Bush Sr. in 1992. He lost those elections crushingly.

During the debate, Trump was able to do the main thing: he showed Biden as a typical slippery politician from Washington. This is what will be fixed.