The US is trying to declassify files on RussiaGate, which will destroy the Democrats

The U.S. intelligence agencies are desperately blocking the disclosure of a document that disputes the intelligence community’s conclusion about Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

At the disposal of the journalists of the agency “Reuters” there was a letter written by the director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, addressed to the department’s inspector general. In it, Ratcliffe insisted on the need to present to the public the truth, which had been hidden for years.

Three officials from the US government told reporters that they are materials that refute the conclusion of the security forces, made in 2017 in the framework of the RussiaGate case. Then opponents of Trump tried to accuse him of collusion with Russia, which allegedly helped him to win. Now those same opponents are blocking the declassification of a document that could harm Joe Biden’s prospects.

The document revealing the Democrats’ lies is too delicate to publish ahead of the elections, sources said. Against this backdrop, both the CIA and the National Security Agency tried to thwart Ratcliffe.

Radcliffe himself is under attack for refusing to contribute to the Democratic Party. For this he was repeatedly accused of “politicizing” intelligence in order to acquit the president.