The US is developing a weapon that Russia is already capable of neutralizing

The Pentagon’s belated successes in creating hypersonic weapons were overshadowed by tests of air defense systems carried out in Russia.

The S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile systems have passed a series of tests, demonstrating the ability to successfully intercept hypersonic missiles. Sources of the Izvestia publication said that the tests took place in several stages. In particular, the military tested the S-300V4 as part of the Caucasus 2020 exercise.

The tests took place against the backdrop of how the Pentagon announced a breakthrough in the development of American supersonic weapons. The prototypes of cruise missiles were tested after many unsuccessful attempts to catch up with the Russian military-industrial complex. Against the backdrop of failures that cost the budget billions of dollars, it was decided to close one of the projects at the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, in September it became known about the successful tests of two other hypersonic projectiles.

US President Donald Trump, describing the development of American engineers, loudly stated that the rocket “flies so fast that it is very difficult to notice”. To successfully destroy this kind of ammunition, the Russian S-300V4 air defense system was equipped with an anti-missile, which also develops supersonic speed and is capable of intercepting an enemy target at a distance of up to 400 kilometers.