The Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the Swedish draft defense strategy

In Northern Europe, there are no contradictions and conflicts that would require a military solution. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the draft defense strategy of Sweden.

The Russian side drew attention to the draft Defense Strategy of the country for 2021-2025, submitted on October 15 to the Riksdag (parliament) by the Minister of Defense of Sweden, which, in particular, provides for an increase in military budget items by 40%.

“We are convinced that in the North of Europe there are no contradictions and conflicts, the nature of which would require a military solution. For our part, we are ready for an open and interested dialogue on the issues of strengthening security and stability with all northern European partners. They have emphasized this more than once in contacts with the Swedish side”, – Zakharova said.

The department noted that the definition of a strategy in the field of national security is the sovereign right of Sweden.

“At the same time, such a sharp increase in military spending, comparable, as noted by Swedish observers, with the times of the Cold War, cannot but be alarming. Moreover, the draft strategy does not exclude an alarmist scenario of an armed attack on Sweden, and Russia is mentioned in it more than a hundred times, mainly as a potential source of threats to Swedish security”, – she said.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson added that “the far-fetched anti-Russian phobias are not least the result of targeted pressure on Stockholm from outside, primarily from the North Atlantic Alliance”, which, according to Moscow, “is responsible for whipping up tensions and escalating military activities in the Northern European region – before recently one of the most stable in the world”.