The head of government of unrecognized Kosovo believes that dialogue with Serbia will lead to mutual recognition

The dialogue with Serbia must end with mutual recognition, this is not a technical dialogue, but a dialogue for a final agreement and full normalization of relations between the two countries. This opinion was voiced by the “Prime Minister” of Kosovo Avdula Hoti.

Today, at the request of the Democratic Party of Kosovo to continue the political dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, with special emphasis on the agreement reached in Washington, the Prime Minister of Kosovo said that Kosovo is obliged to normalize relations with the countries of the region, including Serbia.

“Territorial integrity cannot be negotiated and was not raised as a problem in front of me, the constitutional organization of Kosovo is not affected, there is no association with the executive branch. These two principles of dialogue enjoy the full support of our international partners”, – said Hoti.

He said the third principle is that the agreement must comply with the Kosovo constitution. According to him, at this stage of the dialogue, certain elements of an agreement on the mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia are being worked out.

“The work on the project began with two topics we proposed: missing and economic issues. The Serbian side asked to raise the issue of internally displaced persons during the discussion”, – Hoti said.

The agreement must contain elements that would override UN Security Council Resolution 1244. The Prime Minister of Kosovo stressed that the September 4 agreement was reached thanks to the active role of the United States.

“There are 16 points in this agreement, including large infrastructure projects. I believe that this is a new impetus in EU-US relations in connection with the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia”, – Hoti said.

He added that with the agreement reached, Kosovo will become the epicenter of economic activity in the field of infrastructure.