Moldova demanded that Cyprus and Saudi Arabia extradite Plahotniuc

The Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office has asked Cyprus and Saudi Arabia to extradite fugitive Democratic leader Vladimir Plahotniuc.

This was announced by the head of the department, Alexander Stoyanoglo.

“The Prosecutor General’s Office has opened a criminal case related to the gambling business. About 65 domestic companies have ceased their activities. The information was sent to the Government. The prosecutor’s office is taking measures to bring to justice all those involved in this. In addition to Turkey, the department sent a request for the extradition of Plahotniuc from Cyprus and Saudi Arabia. We have already received an answer that Plahotniuc did not cross the territory of Saudi Arabia”, – he said.

However, he noted that Chisinau has not yet received a response from the Turkish authorities regarding the extradition of Plahotniuc.