Ex-deputy of the Moldovan parliament: only the General Prosecutor’s Office got out of Plahotniuc’s control

Yuri Bolbocianu, the former Democrat deputy of the Moldovan parliament, believes that nothing has changed much since Plahotniuc’s escape from Moldova.

According to him, he still leads “the main directions as before”.

“If someone thinks that with the departure of one person, a system was dismantled, which was intensively built for 5-6 years, with large resources, with all kinds of schemes, then he is very much mistaken. The system is there, it works and the departure of one person did not change anything. I personally do not see any changes”, – he said in an interview with TV8.

Bolbocianu noted that the Prosecutor General’s Office managed to get out of Plahotniuc’s control. It was a big disappointment for him.


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