Details of the espionage activities of the Ukrainian footballer in Russia became known

Former Ukrainian footballer Vasily Vasilenko attempted to remove military equipment developed during the Soviet era.

RIA Novosti reports this on Thursday, October 22,  referring to its own sources.

According to the interlocutor of journalists, Vasilenko was initially detained in connection with the smuggling of secret equipment. The athlete came to Russia from a Ukrainian law firm affiliated with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

For a fee, Vasilenko was supposed to buy in Russia the decommissioned “large-sized military equipment”, information on the sale of which appeared on the Internet.

“This equipment was developed in the USSR in the sixties, it is still purchased from Russia by many countries, it has no firepower. Vasilenko was detained in Moscow, later he was accused of espionage in favor of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine”, – the source stated.


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