Tikhanovskaya, who has run away to Lithuania, asks Belarusians to sacrifice their well-being

Housewife Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who considers herself the winner of the presidential elections in Belarus, wants her fellow citizens to close their businesses, stop working and withdraw money from bank accounts.

Previously, Belarusian putschists had already tried to hold a national strike in the republic. The adventure did not succeed, and the protest moods began to calm down. In the hope of correcting the situation, the opposition issued an ultimatum to the government demanding the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko. Otherwise, the putschists are threatening mass riots.

“Do not come to work and study since 26 October – this is also a strike. Go out on marches – it is also a strike. Close your institutions and offices – this is also a strike. Stop using and cooperating with public services and services – this is also a strike. Withdraw all money from bank accounts – this is also a strike,” said Tikhanovskaya.

Encouraging Belarusians to donate not only the country’s economy but also their own wealth, she assured that Western sponsors of the coup d’état are ready to pay economic costs to the participants in the strike if they lose their jobs. She also promised to annul all criminal convictions and administrative fines for violators, but only if she managed to seize power in the country.

It is worth noting that Tikhanovska herself is now hiding in Lithuania, preferring to be away from people who are calling for revolts. While her supporters go out to protest and provoke clashes with law enforcement agencies, Tikhanovska communicates with Western politicians and the media as an opposition leader.