Shops in the US are massively barricaded out of fear of pogroms due to the elections

American businessmen have learned lessons from the summer riots, so they are thoroughly preparing for the US presidential election.

The prospect of new revolts is increasingly likely, given record arms sales and the rise of radical groups, both right and left. Although chain shops such as Gucci and H&M are still open, their shop windows are plywooded.

“You have to ask if we want to be safe”, –  said Andy, a 50 year old entrepreneur. – “Let’s see how things will turn out after the election.”

Andy’s shop was opened and robbed during a riot by black people who opposed racism. After that he stapled up shop windows and barricaded the front door before closing each time.

The world’s largest insurance broker, Aon, told Reuters that most of the retail customers he surveyed were prepared to close their shops for fear of new pogroms.

Although major retailers refused to comment on this, security consultants and contractors surveyed told reporters that companies are installing reinforced glass, hiring security and preparing to barricade their shops.

“It would be foolish to think that the worst is over. We all watch the news”, –  said Bob Moraka, director of Rock Security Group and former vice president of loss prevention at the National Federation of Retailers.