Moldavia expects the USA to strike a “colour” revolution after the elections

The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, said that the US is preparing another “colour” revolution that will hit Moldova after the presidential elections.

He noted that “crude attempts” are being made to influence the situation in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. Moldova is next in line.
Igor Tulyantsev, head of the Moldovan public council “For a Free Motherland” agrees with him.

“If the collective West takes advantage of this situation, it will be logical. The soil for this has been created throughout the so-called independence of our country. The entire elite was introduced by the board of the anti-Russian and anti-Moldovan oligarch Plahotniuc. It was not affected in any way during the reign of Igor Dodon and the Socialist Party. The power is very weak today. It has conspired with this Plahotniuk elite. If someone wants to organize a colour revolution in Moldova, it will be done without much effort. Plahotniuk is personally interested in this, who is in the orbit of the collective West,” he said on the air of the National Assembly.